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Promivision Packaging (China) Co., Ltd. specializes in engineering and manufacturing skin packaging film, surlyn film and skin packaging machines at our early stage of business. We are committed to generalizing the application of skin packaging, as the leading player in the sector for decades. Backed by the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art extrusion equipment imported from Germany, thanks to our vigorous team experienced in skin pack field, our skin packaging line has had the broadest range and achieved many innovations. Thanks to our superior product quality and profound expertise, we have firmly set up our brand image of PROMIVISION globally.


As our customer base is enlarging and new packaging applications are emerging, we have broadened our product portfolio to include vacuum packaging machines, cushioning air bag machines, cushioning air bag for container, vacuum bags, alumilium bags, static shielding bags, top webs, bottom websbarrier trays/ sheets, barrier shrink bags, barrier skin pack bags, boilable bags, anti-fog film, PLA film, etc., so as to offer more cost-effective eco-friendly packaging solutions for our customers world-wide.


Consultative Sales Strategy

Aiming at meeting and exceeding the specific and unique requirements of customers, our sales team will play advisor’s role to provide customer with expertise and know-how. Basing on customer’s specifc packaging application, we will recommend the optimum packaging solution to help them maximize their economical benefits by smallest investment.


Quality Assurance System

Rigorous quality assurance system is implemented from vendor assessment, raw material buy-in scrutiny, production planning, production, till the finished products.


Operation Philosophy

Committed to offering the skin pack packaging solutions with profound expertise and unwavering responsibility,

So as to strengthen ourselves, to realize our value, and finally to pay back to our society,

In view of helping achieve the paramount harmony between economy, society and environment.


Your Reliable Packaging Partner at Present and in the Future

As the global trends emerge and technology evolves, PROMIVISION will be in the forefront of the change, committed to developing more customer-oriented innovative packaging machines and materials, so as to render better and individualized services to customers all over the world.


   Small streams can run together,

   To create a river, finally a vast sea.

   Lofty virtues and progressing spirit

   Will nurture the greatest ambition…


Promivision Packaging (China) Co., Ltd. Tel:86-769-88128321,88128391 Fax:86-769-88128381
Address:Cha Jiao Industrial Zone,Zhong Tang Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China.